Best Air Conditioner – Frequently Asked Questions

Which AC brand is the Best?

There are innumerable AC manufacturers to be had available on the market. It is a hard to select the pleasant amongst them. This guide will provide you with an idea of the components you have to investigate while shopping for AC devices. Energy performance is one. Environmental friendliness is other. And You must examine the price as well also.

Considering all the 3 predominant aspects, it is usually higher to go for inverter AC units. You have different companies which can be professionals within the manufacture of AC units. The first names that come to thoughts are Carrier, Blue Star, Daikin, etc. Secondly, you have different companies that manufacture various digital appliances apart from AC units. The most distinguished amongst them are Hitachi, Mitsubishi, LG, Voltas, and so forth.

You have the local India brands like Onida and Godrej that manufacture ACs to suit Indian conditions. All these manufacturers are reputed manufacturers. You can go for the only that gives the most benefits on the minimum cost

Which AC brand provide best services?

it is better to test out in advance as to whether the AC manufacturing companies has provisions for servicing your AC to your city. Transporting it to another town isn’t always a possible task. Usually, the reputed manufacturers like Carrier and Daikin have arrangements with nearby service centers.

The Indian make AC units do not face this trouble. It is better to examine customer reviews before going for the right AC brands. The reputed AC manufacturers noted above have, such centers. Nevertheless, take a look at it before you make investments in the particular brands.

Is it safe to buy online?

Do not hesitate, it’s safe to shop for AC online but you have to select first-class and top on-line e-commerce web sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

 You have reputed web sites like Amazon, Flipkart in which you may order the best AC units at great discounted rates.

Now a days, it is perfectly safe to buy anything online. Companies are putting a lot of efforts to increase the customers experiences and also sellers registered with online platforms are giving competitive prices and cashbacks. There is simply no harm in shopping for AC devices online, especially from the reputed eCommerce systems. You also can buy it without delay from the organization website.

Is it good to option for AC with aluminum condenser?

The maximum common metals used for manufacturing condenser tubes are copper and aluminium. Both these metals have their advantages and drawbacks. Copper has a high warmness transfer coefficient compared to aluminium. At the equal time, aluminium is extraordinarily malleable and relatively less expensive. But they require higher maintenance cost.

Therefore, you may opt for AC with aluminium condensers. Though, copper is the first desire all around the global. Aluminium condensers are not bad either.

What is Blue Fin / Gold Fin Technology?

Corrosion is the biggest enemy of these AC units. Over a period, the condenser tubes affected by corrosion so its requiring alternative and maintenance. To conquer this problem, manufacturers use Blue Fin or Gold Fin generation whereby they paint the condenser tubes with unique anti-corrosive paint. This improves the existence of the AC unit.

The most effective difference among Blue Fin and Gold Fin generation is that Gold Fin generation does not rust easily so it is increasing the existence expectancy of the AC. However, this Gold Fin is highly-priced in comparison to Blue Fin. Both those technologies have their merits and demerits. It is up to the purchaser to make the selection after thinking about all elements.

Is stabilizer required for the AC?

Every AC has a voltage running limit. You will check this range printed on the AC label. Check out if the location you live in has voltage fluctuations beyond those limits. In case, it is so, you should spend money on a stabilizer to your AC to protect it from voltage fluctuations. It is higher to be secure than to be sorry.

A stabilizer will not costly much in comparison in your AC. Install one and do not worry about voltage variations.

Which condenser is better for coastal Areas?

Corrosion is the main problem that condensers face. Copper is a splendid metal for production condenser coils. But copper is likewise unique for being the most effective metallic to fall prey to formicary corrosion. This kind of corrosion requires the presence of oxygen, water, copper, and an organic acid. The worst a part of this corrosion is that it’s miles invisible to the naked eye. You discover this sort of corrosion in coastal regions wherein there is lots of humidity inside the environment.

Usually, you notice AC devices having copper coils and aluminium fins. Such units be affected by galvanic corrosion. Hence, it’s far better to have a single metal for the condenser tubes as well as the fins. The microchannel condenser coils are the high-quality to be used in coastal regions. Samsung uses this generation within the manufacture of condenser coils. The major AC manufacturers use Blue Fin and Gold Fin technology for coating the condenser coils.

What is Air purifier, dust and bacterial filters?

Indoor air has quite a few dirt. This dust and bacteria can reason breathing issues. In the normal circumstances while you do no longer use the AC, you hold the doors and windows of the room open. This ensures the circulation of the air. But, when you use the AC, you have to close the home windows and doorways. This involves that you inhale the same air.

The AC units have dust and bacterial filters that trap these substances from recirculation. Now, in the modern technology AC units come with air purifiers as well. This guarantees which you have pure and clean air to breathe. You will recognize the amount of dirt in the air while you remove these filters from the AC for cleaning. Imagine the amount of dust you inhale within the regular direction.

What is a dehumidifier?

In the everyday path, the air includes numerous humidity. Running the AC in normal mode involves which you circulate the humidified air through the device. This is why you have got the dehumidifier mode within the AC. This is also referred to as a Dry mode wherein the AC removes the excess humidity from the room without any massive change in the temperature.

Hence, people residing in regions close to the coast must go for ACs with dehumidifiers. They add to the comfort cost of the AC.

What is a dual inverter AC?

You find this Dual inverter compressor in certain manufacturers of LC AC units. This suggests that you have double the efficiency that you enjoy in a single inverter AC. This technology ensures that the AC capabilities with much less noise and cools faster as well. When it cools faster, it includes that the compressors characteristic at low speeds most of the time. Hence, you save your power consumption.

What is mosquito away technology?

The Mosquito Away technology is present within the trendy brand of LG AC units. This technology is based on ultrasonic sound to preserve away mosquitoes. The AC devices emit this sound which is beyond the hearing strength of humans. But it may discourage mosquitoes. LG uses this technology of their telephones, washing machines, and televisions as well.

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